Migrant Boats Kept Away From G7 Meeting Place

InvestmentWatchBlog notes,

As the G7 nations met in Sicily to discuss, among other things, what can be done about the mass influx of migrants to Europe and any potential security threat they may pose, they ordered that all migrant boat arrivals be shuffled along to other Italian ports because the arrival of migrants may cause security issues!

Apparently, they see the arrival of these migrants as a potential threat and therefore do not want them arriving whilst they could themselves be in danger, but… they have allowed hundreds of thousands to arrive unvetted by this route and will continue to allow them long after t[h]ey have left Sicily. It appears that the lives of ordinary citizens are free to be endangered as long as they themselves remain safe.

This is via Anonymous Conservative, who comments:

The Cucks and the Leftists know what they are foisting on their nations. It is hard to imagine these leaders aren’t doing it with the conscious desire that these migrants will supplant the European populations, replacing the average European with a more easily controllable, less intelligent, more easily cowed Middle Eastern and African model of peasant.

The average European lefty is just a programmed idiot, unconsciously predisposed to import violent savages to create a constant mortality to further r-selection. But these leaders are evil incarnate. They know exactly what they are doing.

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