Miscellany 17: “Miscellany” is an anagram of “slimy lance.” Really makes you think.

(1) Happy New Year, bitches!

(2) Me March 2018: Trump will not be impeached over “Russia.”

They can’t and won’t impeach the T-Dawg on “Russia.” They’d have more luck with some parking ticket, something that he actually did. Or they’d have more luck alleging that something legal that he did, is actually illegal. What they can’t and never will do is introduce articles of impeachment about the utterly insane “election fixing” horseshit.

Note I’m not saying they won’t try to impeach him over something – of course they will, if they have the numbers in the House; Trump’s election has them absolutely frantic. I’m saying that it won’t be about the retarded “election meddling” thing.

Called it!

Also: In the “impeachment investigation” vote of Oct./Nov. 2019, not one Republican in the House of Representatives voted for the investigation.

And in the actual vote to impeach, not one GOP House member cucked.

They’re wising up.

(3) Hypothalamus smaller in users of the Pill:

You have to be careful about believing academic research these days due to the replication crisis. But it’s plausible that messing with natural bodily processes could have bad effects. In fact that should be the default assumption.

(4) Antifa-linked defendant gets 6 years in brutal baton attack in Portland:

We are not yet in a state of complete lawlessness.

(5) Yet another reason libertarianism is doomed: As has become obvious in recent years,

Individualism is not a war-time ideology.

“The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”
—Kipling, The Second Jungle Book

(6) Evolutionary psychology:

Genetic Ties May Be Factor In Violence in Stepfamilies
by Jane E. Brody, Feb. 10, 1998

A WOMAN’S live-in boyfriend murders her child fathered by another man. A woman neglects her young stepsister and punishes her so viciously that she dies. A stepfather sexually abuses his wife’s daughter by a former husband.

As these examples drawn from news articles over last year demonstrate, the Cinderella story is hardly a fairy tale. Researchers are finding that the incidence of violence and abuse is vastly greater in stepfamilies than in traditional families in which the children are biologically related to both parents and to one other.

Of course, most stepfamilies do well, despite potential stresses. And plenty of families in which all the children are the progeny of both parents are fraught with violence and despair.

But stepfamilies are at much higher risk than are traditional families. For example, Dr. Martin Daly and Dr. Margo Wilson, evolutionary psychologists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, found that the rate of infanticide was 60 times as high and sexual abuse was about eight times as high in stepfamilies as is in biologically related families.

“We demonstrated a very large excess risk to stepchildren, an increase of thousands of percentage points,” Dr. Daly said in an interview.

Link via Jim’s blog, August 2016: https://blog.jim.com/culture/why-women-are-sleeping-with-chads/

(7) (6) A good quote from Moldbug here:

The lesson of history is quite clear. Whether you love the W-force [leftism] or hate it, surrendering to it is not an effective way to resist it. There is no stable point along the left–right axis at which the W-force, having exacted all the concessions to which justice entitles it, simply disappears. Oh, no. It always wants more… The persistence of this delusion [that leftism can be placated] in Anglo-American thought is quite remarkable.

I’m not a fan of Moldbug, but this at least, is a good insight. Everyone on the right now knows that leftism cannot be appeased, but Moldbug got there early.

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