The Cabal’s Timetable

I wonder if the Cabal’s timetable was much more advanced than we’d thought before Trump’s election. Consider how much they care that Trump is going to be in the White House for four or eight years. Even the prospect of four years has them absolutely frantic. They’re going after him on blatantly false pretenses to try to get him out of the White House. Now if they hadn’t been planning on moving overtly within the next four years, why would they care so much? They could just bide their time, continuing to burrow in and consolidate their power as they have been doing for decades.

So it makes me wonder if they had a plan that involved going for it all during Hillary Clinton’s anticipated first term. Remember, these people are leftists, i.e., power-mad. They think about a revolution in which they seize power, kill everyone they don’t like, and rule unopposed for the rest of their lives. They’re been thinking about such a “revolution,” i.e. totalitarian coup, their whole adult lives; they fantasized that some day they’d reach the “It’s time to go for it” moment. It’s very far from “unthinkable” for this crowd. They think about it constantly.

But still, why should just waiting another four to eight years bother them so much? (Especially since demographic dynamics, absent big changes on immigration policy, are on their side.) Trump in the White House is freaking their shit so as to be almost unbelievable. Why, why, why?

Here are some possibilities:

(1) They have a timetable which, once started, cannot be frozen for several years and then re-started. I’m hard-pressed to imagine what that might be, though.

(2) Some of the darker possibilities a la PizzaGate and the suspicious deaths of, to name just two, Antonin Scalia and Seth Rich are true. Perhaps if these truths are brought to light some of these people will swing or at least go to prison for a long time.

(3) Hillary Clinton and her crowd really were planning to try to start a nuclear war with Russia— because that would be fun, apparently— and the longer it’s deferred the stronger Russia grows, perhaps to the point that a nuclear war simply wouldn’t be worth it. And how chilling is it to think that we might have had a President who would have thought it to be “worth it”!

(4) Supreme Court appointments. Kennedy, The Leftist Who Occasionally Pretends Not To Be OneTM, is gone, and the utterly vile Ginsberg is starting to look like the star of Weekend at Bernie’s.

(5) The role of financing is more important than some of us had realized, and Trump was expected, correctly, to go after their financing. Anonymous Conservative is one of the people who frequently discusses this aspect of the situation. I’d always thought they were so hooked into the government that funding was simply not a problem, but it may be more complicated than that. If that’s an important aspect, then four or eight years of President Trump could set them back much more than four or eight years. If he really kills a significant percentage of their money sources, then two Trump terms could set them back, say 15 or even 20 years, rather than eight. And that leads to much more unpredictability, as well as delaying the planned final power-grab past the expected lifetime of some of these people. (E.g. George Soros is no spring chicken.)

(6) Speaking of unpredictability: The very fact that traditional European populations are catching on to what the bad guys are attempting must be scary for them. Brexit, political developments on the Continent, and of course Trump’s election must have been a devastating set of shocks for the Left in general and the Cabal in particular. It tells the Cabal they no longer, to a significant extent, have the luxury of operating in secrecy; western populations are on to them. It signaled that identity politics is no longer on the upswing. While it’s not over yet, its end is in the foreseeable future. This doesn’t actually mean identity politics will stop; it means that it has reached the point where it is no longer a net benefit to the Left. White attitudes toward “You’re racist!” have hardened up considerably in the last few years. As white attitudes harden and become more angry with identity politics, they will block vote more, just like all other ethnic/ racial groups. That has to be absolutely terrifying for the Left.

It won’t help them to import tons of minority Dem voters, if white voters are turning Republican, and hardcore Trump-type Republican, just as fast.

We have a generation of white people who haven’t grown up with the nonchalant comfort of being in a firm majority before the rise of identity politics. We are looking at an entire generation that has grown up with “You’re evil because you’re white!” As we learn from observing black America in decades past, hearing “You suck because of your skin color” all the time doesn’t convince you it’s true; it just makes you hate the people who say it. It was one thing when a white comedian trashed white people in the 1980s. Its obvious “Hey, I’m so NOT a racist!” performativeness was annoying, but it wasn’t threatening in a nation that was 85% white, and before real politics of white genocide had appeared. But in a nation that’s only 60-something percent white, and declining noticeably, and in an environment where non-whites are taught that white people are evil and deserve to be exterminated, that sort of thing is very different. It is even less “funny” or “cute” than it used to be; it is now threatening.

It’s stunning— and thank God!— how the left overplayed a very strong hand. They’d infiltrated the media and the educational system, for fuck’s sake! Their optimal strategy was to keep the volume down for another couple of decades. Yet they couldn’t restrain themselves, and they showed no desire to restrain their own most extreme members. So we get a class called “The Depravity of Whiteness” at a U.S. university. In a nation with a majority white population (and the Internet to spread the news of this garbage).

It’s astonishing how good the Left is at battlespace preparation (e.g., taking over the media and the educational system), and yet how bad they are at optimizing the advantage they acquire this way. Again, thank God.

Anyway, the point being: The Left may understand that they missed their window to strike while their advantage from identity politics was maximized. Realizing that they missed their window must have them enraged with regret. And they see the window closing more rapidly as white attitudes harden as fast as minorities flood into the country.

(Another advantage for us, while I’m on the subject, is the sheer stupidity of these people and the Nash trap they created for themselves. For example, black parents might like hearing a politician say, “I’ll get more funding for schools in your district,” but most of them aren’t much more likely to vote for you if you say, “I’ll get more funding for schools in your district, and by the way, white people suck.” Some of them are more likely to, but the politician loses dozens of white voters for every minority voter he gains with that last part. Surely the less retarded of the Left’s politicians know that. And yet they can’t seem to stop themselves because of the nature of the Democrat Party establishment, the primary process, the superdelegates, they fact that they’ll be attacked for not being white-hating enough, etc. (In the contest for Dem Party Chair after the 2016 election, white woman Sally Boynton Brown’s plank was an appeal to minorities in the party: “Vote for me because I can go back to my white community and scold them for being racist.”) No single leftist can start a movement out of this trap because the first people to speak up are attacked and drummed out of the party, and accomplish nothing. To put it another way, they created a leftist holiness spiral in the broader society, but of course by its very nature that spiral affects left-wing organizations faster and more thoroughly than the rest of the society.)

(7) Another possibility is that they understand and are appropriately terrified of the possibility of a preference cascade. The Left has always been very aware of this, if only at a gut level. (One of their core skills is propaganda.) Even after a right-wing victory in a referendum or election, the left instantly starts in with the rhetoric in the nature of, “As we all know and agree, anyone who voted for that person/ ballot measure is totally on the wrong side of popular opinion!” Even though everyone in the country knows that a majority of popular opinion is for the person/ measure, because they just won!

That takes me to our current rapidly intensifying political situation. A crucial aspect of it is a race between a holiness spiral and a preference cascade.

I’ll have more to say about that in a future post.

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